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Lakeland Property Damage & Construction Defect Lawyer
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Lakeland Property Damage Lawyer / Winter Haven Property Damage Insurance Lawyer

Winter Haven Property Damage Insurance Lawyer

Property insurance is designed to cover many different types of damage to personal and business property, including motor vehicles, physical residential and business structures, other structures on the property, and the contents of the property. There are many different types of events that can result in a property damage insurance claim, and it is important for the insured to understand their rights and responsibilities under Florida law. If you need help filing and pursuing an insurance property damage claim, you should seek advice from an attorney with experience handling first-party property damage claims. Contact our experienced Winter Haven property damage insurance lawyer today to find out more about the services we provide to individuals and businesses in Central Florida.

Common Types of Insurance Property Damages Claims in Winter Haven

There are many different types of insurance property damages claims our firm handles, including but not limited to the following:

  • Residential property damage claims
  • Commercial property damage claims
  • Homeowners’ Association insurance claims
  • Condominium damage claims
  • Hurricane damage claims
  • Flood damage claims
  • Sinkhole claims
  • Motor vehicle damage claims
  • Boat damage claims

Insurance property damage claims in Winter Haven can be filed as first-party claims or third-party claims. First-party claims are those filed by the insured, while third-party claims are those filed by the party who sustained property damage as a result of an insured’s actions (or inactions, depending upon the circumstances).

What Is a Winter Haven Insurance Property Damage Claim?

An insurance property damage claim is a claim filed by a party who has sustained property damage and is seeking compensation from the insurance company. Many insurance property damage claims are first-party claims filed by the insured (or the party that has the insurance policy), requesting a payment from the insurance company. First-party claims nearly always include residential and commercial property damage claims, including claims resulting from hurricane damage, sinkholes, and flood damage. Some insurance property damage claims are third-party claims filed by a party who sustained property damage because of an insured’s negligence, such as in a motor vehicle collision.

Winter Haven Insurance Property Damage Claims Requirements

Insurance companies are required by Florida law to attempt in good faith to settle legitimate claims they receive and make claims payments to insureds or other beneficiaries in a timely manner. The failure to promptly investigate and attempt to settle a claim can result in litigation. Yet when an insurance company receives a property damage claim for damage not covered by the policy, or where the insurance company suspects fraud, Florida law does not require an insurance company to make a payment. Rather, an insurance company may be able to prove that it has a valid defense against paying the claim. It’s important to have an attorney on your side who can negotiate resolutions to good-faith insurance disputes or litigate them as needed.

Contact the Ruel Law Firm Today

When you have questions about your responsibilities or rights under Florida insurance law, or if you require assistance with a property damage insurance claim you have filed, an attorney at the Ruel Law Firm can speak with you today and provide you with more information about your options. Contact our experienced Winter Haven insurance property damage claims lawyer for more information.

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