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Lakeland Property Damage & Construction Defect Lawyer
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Lakeland Property Damage Lawyer / Orlando Construction Defects Lawyer

Orlando Construction Defects Lawyer

Orlando is one of the largest cities in Florida and indeed in all of the United States. Even more significant is Orlando’s astonishing 75.3% projected growth rate, ranking it as the 15th highest of all U.S. metro areas. With all the new home construction occurring in Orlando (and commercial construction as well), there are plenty of opportunities for houses and other structures to be built with significant construction defects due to lack of oversight, negligence, rushed construction, and the desire to maximize profits by using cheaper labor and materials than the project calls for.

Your home is not just your most significant monetary investment; it’s where you live and raise a family and make a life. You deserve a home that is constructed according to standards, that is safe, and that is worth what you paid for it. If your home was built with defective construction, you have the right to demand that any defects be repaired and that you be compensated for any additional damage caused. Florida law provides a process for this with strict timelines and specific actions you must follow, but the Ruel Law Firm can guide you through this process and represent you at every stage to help ensure your claim is successful. We’ve been practicing construction defect law and litigation in Central Florida for 15 years, and we are prepared to pursue your claim diligently and effectively. Contact our experienced Orlando construction defects lawyer today for a free consultation.

Help With All Manner of Construction Defects in Orlando

Faulty construction can affect every part and system of a home or business. Defects can be patent (obvious) or latent (hidden). As soon as you discover a defect in your property, the clock starts to run on the time you have to get your claim resolved or sue the contractor if needed. The Ruel Law Firm can advise you on the steps required to pursue your claim and represent you at all critical stages to ensure your matter is resolved to your satisfaction in the most efficient manner possible. Our office handles all types of construction defects for Orlando homeowners and business owners, including:

  • Stucco/Siding Defects
  • Roofing Defects
  • Window and Door Defects
  • Foundation/Concrete Settlement & Cracking
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) Defects
  • Statutory Building Code Violations
  • Architect and Engineer Design Professional Liability
  • Warranty Claims
  • Unlicensed Contracting
  • Fraudulent Liens

Prior to founding the Ruel Law Firm, attorney Michael Ruel represented construction contractors and their insurers for 15 years. He knows construction defect litigation from the perspective of the insurance company, so he knows how they view claims, when they accept claims and when they deny them, when they settle and when they go to court. Michael Ruel is himself an experienced litigator who has taken numerous construction defect cases to trial and obtained satisfactory results for his clients. As your attorney, Michael Ruel and his team at the Ruel Law Firm will work to hold the responsible party (including contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and design professionals) liable for the repair of your property and compensation for any additional damage you suffered. Damages available under Florida construction defect law can include:

  • Repair of the construction defect at no cost by the contractor, or paid for by the contractor if you choose a different company to make the repairs
  • The value of personal property damaged or lost because of the defect, such as due to water intrusion or fire that resulted from the defect
  • Temporary living expenses if the defect rendered your home uninhabitable or if you have to move out while repairs are being made
  • Business losses for commercial construction defects, including the cost to repair the defect and structural damage, loss of inventory, damaged equipment, and lost profits (business interruption) if the defect requires you to cease operations for a time

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For defective construction claims in Orlando, the Ruel Law Firm is the one to turn to for knowledgeable, skilled and effective legal help to get your construction defect claim resolved in your favor as quickly and completely as possible. Contact our Orlando construction defect lawyer today for a free consultation to discuss your claim.

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