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Bartow Construction Defects Lawyer

Considering the countless specifications, contractors, suppliers, materials, and other factors involved with a typical Florida construction project, it is not a surprise that construction defects occur. Many are minor and fixable, but some flaws can lead to serious structural damage or harm to occupants. Unfortunately, they are often not discovered or otherwise manifest until well after the construction project is complete. Plus, construction defects can impact numerous parties involved with the construction process, and even some that were not.

These complexities and many others can lead to important questions about liability for construction defects. You have rights and interests to protect, so it is critical to get legal help with disputes. Our team at the Ruel Law Firm is knowledgeable about the complicated laws, and we are ready to support your needs with litigation. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced Bartow construction defects lawyer. Some background information is also helpful, which can be found below.

Common Types of Construction Defects in Bartow

Any flaw in the process can lead to a failure with some component of the structure, at which point defective construction may cause property damage. Some deficiencies could even result in personal injuries to a victim. There are countless specific construction defects, but they fall into certain categories:

  • Design defects involving the project specifications
  • Flaws with materials
  • Defective workmanship, in which performance by contractors does not meet contract terms, building codes, or other requirements
  • Subsurface flaws that involve the stability and condition of the ground the structure is to be built upon

How Defects Impact Parties’ Interests

Every party to a construction project has a duty to comply with the applicable standard of care, and failure to do so is a key element of a construction defects claim. A breach of the standard of care may involve:

  • Architects, engineers, and other design professionals who prepared flawed specifications and project details
  • Inappropriate or noncompliant materials as chosen by contractors
  • Failure to properly assess the subsurface
  • Flaws with workmanship and performance by general contractors, subcontractors, and lower-tier crews
  • Materials that contain design or manufacturing defects

Legal Help with Defective Construction Disputes in Bartow

At the Ruel Law Firm, we are dedicated to pursuing the best solutions that most effectively protect your interests. In some cases, it may be possible to reach a settlement. Mediation is also an out-of-court option for resolving conflicts with guidance from a trained mediator. You can trust a Bartow construction defects attorney to help you navigate the different alternatives that avoid litigation.

We are also committed to achieving a favorable outcome if it becomes necessary to go to court to pursue your legal remedies.

Discuss Legal Remedies with a Bartow Construction Defects Lawyer

If you are involved in a dispute over defective construction, you can see how legal representation is crucial. The Ruel Law Firm is ready to support you with settlement options and litigation, so please contact us to set up a consultation. An experienced Bartow construction defects attorney can explain the relevant legal concepts after reviewing your circumstances.

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